p5.quadrille.js #

p5.js quadrille open source library designed for implementing various puzzle video games and conducting visual computing experiments.

In geometry, the square-tiling, square-tessellation or square-grid is a regular tiling of the Euclidean plane. John Horton Conway called it a quadrille.

The internal angle of the square is π/2 so four squares at a point make a full 2π angle. It is one of three regular tilings of the plane. The other two are the triangular-tiling and the hexagonal-tiling.

The library comprises a Quadrille class and provides p5 functions to manipulate instances of it, even allowing to customize the quadrille tiling. The Quadrille class supports several read / write properties and implements geometry transformations, boolean operators inspired by constructive solid geometry, and visual computing methods such as image filtering using convolution matrices and triangle rasterization. It also implements several immutable and mutable methods, such as clear, clone, fill, insert and replace among others. It can be used as an interface to convert to / from other representations such as arrays, images and bitboards.

The library reference which illustrates most of its functionality is found along this site.

Contributions are welcome at the GitHub library site.

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